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I have started a consultant/an adviser for DDS research at the pharmaceutical companies since February 2021.

I have worked for the pharmaceutical companies and a venture company for 47 years, and I would like to hand the knowledge and know-how on to the next generation. I would like to create DDS medicines of Japanese origin and contribute to medical treatment of the world.  I think it becomes my gratitude to a lot of people who have taken care of me cordially for a long time.

I will become a consultant for DDS research which is performed at the pharmaceutical companies, the venture companies and the universities. My main research area is liposomes and lipid nanoparticles (LNPs). Recently, LNPs have gained much prominence, because some mRNA-LNP vaccines have been launched out in the world, which can finally save the life of many people. My review article is as follows.

Hiroshi Kikuchi: Study and their future perspective of lipid nanoparticles.

I will also accept the request of the lecture at companies/universities/academic societies. In such case, please use “Contact Form”.

Hiroshi Kikuchi, Ph.D.

President, DDS Strategy Firm     


Asian Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences 2013 @Jeju, Republic of Korea, November 21, 2013